Our obedience training program is five weeks long, and the dog is with us for the entire time. During this period the dog is trained toward responding positively to the basic obedience commands such as come, heel, sit, stay, lie-down, stand and other commands. When the training is complete, we expect the dog to be performing reliably on leash or a drag leash.

Some effort on the owner’s part will be required to maintain the dog’s performance in his home environment. Once the program is complete, it will be important for you to regularly review the commands with your dog at home.

While the dog is here in training it will be necessary for us to work with you, because learning the commands and our training methods are essential for success.

More information is available upon request. The training program is available to most medium and large breeds. Miniature breeds are not accepted as well as dogs with aggressive behavior problems.

Client Note: What we accomplish with this training will largely depend on the dog’s learning ability. Like people, they have different personalities and learning capabilities. Most dogs have the ability and temperament to learn these basic commands, but some dogs lack the skills, desire and /or attention span required. When this situation arises the owner is notified as soon as possible.