We offer a comfortable boarding service for your dog(s) at affordable prices where their well-being and safety is our bottom line.

Providing a clean sanitary and comfortably secure environment where your dog’s needs for food, fresh water, attention and daily exercise is our basic service.

Our kennel is situated in an area that’s shaded by surrounding trees. The dog’s living area is cooled by air conditioning and fans in the summer and heated in the winter.

Daily exercise time is provided morning and evening in our 4 spacious fenced exercise areas.

Special exercising services are available to dogs that qualify. The services are conducted within the boundary of our property. They are as follows.

Walks - on or off leash.

A.T.V. Excursions - the dog follows a staff member putting along on the 4-wheeler down to and around the lake (The dogs love this great exercise).

Retriever Exercising - fun retrieves on land and in water.

Pick up & delivery service - available on certain weekdays. Information available upon request.